If you’re looking to grow taller by several inches, then you may be considering height increase surgery. But is growing taller through surgery your best option?

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heightincreaseMany people mistakenly believe it’s impossible to increase your height after a certain age without some sort of leg lengthening surgery. However, going through a painful surgery and facing months of recovery isn’t your only option when it comes to growing taller by 2-4 inches.

Science has proven it’s completely possible to grow taller naturally through diet and specific height increasing exercises. Stretching exercises, core exercises that focus on your lower back and lower abdomen, and posture improving exercises are extremely powerful. And they don’t cause pain or cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills.

If you’re thinking of height increase surgery as a way to get taller, here are some things to think about.

Leg lengthening surgery has been referred to as a “gruesome operation.” But why? The answer rests in the details of the procedure.

When you go in for height increase surgery, a doctor will break the bones of your lower leg (tibia and fibula). Next, a device known as a fixator will be attached to the broken ends of your bones. This device has an extendable rod that allows the doctor to slowly stretch your leg bones.

As new bone grows to replace the breaks, the surgeon will periodically lengthen the fixator by a couple millimeters. This extends the gap in the break and forces the bone to keep growing to fill in the gap, thereby lengthening your leg bones.

But height increase surgery doesn’t stop there. Once the bone lengthening process is complete, you’ll face another 3-6 months of bone strengthening which involves physical therapy that is often excruciatingly painful. But if you can fight through all that and avoid any complications, you can end up being several inches taller.

A much less painful solution is to focus on growing taller naturally through exercise, diet, and improving posture. An excellent resource to help you grow taller naturally is the Grow Taller 4 Idiots height increasing guide. With the proper step-by-step plan you can attain the 2-4 inches of growth you desire and avoid height increase surgery altogether.

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