Is It Really Possible To Increase Your Height And Grow Taller Naturally Without Excruciatingly Painful Limb Lengthening Surgery?
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Height Increase Surgery Or Grow Taller Naturally? You Choose

If you’re looking to grow taller by several inches, then you may be considering height increase surgery. But is growing taller through surgery your best option?

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heightincreaseMany people mistakenly believe it’s impossible to increase your height after a certain age without some sort of leg lengthening surgery. However, going through a painful surgery and facing months of recovery isn’t your only option when it comes to growing taller by 2-4 inches.

Science has proven it’s completely possible to grow taller naturally through diet and specific height increasing exercises. Stretching exercises, core exercises that focus on your lower back and lower abdomen, and posture improving exercises are extremely powerful. And they don’t cause pain or cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills.

If you’re thinking of height increase surgery as a way to get taller, here are some things to think about.

Leg lengthening surgery has been referred to as a “gruesome operation.” But why? The answer rests in the details of the procedure.

When you go in for height increase surgery, a doctor will break the bones of your lower leg (tibia and fibula). Next, a device known as a fixator will be attached to the broken ends of your bones. This device has an extendable rod that allows the doctor to slowly stretch your leg bones.

As new bone grows to replace the breaks, the surgeon will periodically lengthen the fixator by a couple millimeters. This extends the gap in the break and forces the bone to keep growing to fill in the gap, thereby lengthening your leg bones.

But height increase surgery doesn’t stop there. Once the bone lengthening process is complete, you’ll face another 3-6 months of bone strengthening which involves physical therapy that is often excruciatingly painful. But if you can fight through all that and avoid any complications, you can end up being several inches taller.

A much less painful solution is to focus on growing taller naturally through exercise, diet, and improving posture. An excellent resource to help you grow taller naturally is the Grow Taller 4 Idiots height increasing guide. With the proper step-by-step plan you can attain the 2-4 inches of growth you desire and avoid height increase surgery altogether.

Get Taller Naturally – 3 Lower Abdominal Exercises To Increase Height

If you want to get taller naturally, one of the best ways to start is to perform stretching exercises to increase height.

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However, exercises to grow taller don’t always have to be related to stretching. Additional exercises such as ab and side crunches can also be extremely beneficial.

Although there are many abdominal exercises available, this article will give you 3 of the best to help you grow taller fast.

Ab Exercises To Get Taller

Muscles throughout your body have a large impact on your height.  Even seemingly unrelated muscles like your abs can play an important role in improving your posture and increasing your height naturally.

The strength of your ab muscles directly relates to the strength of your lower back muscles.

Your lower back muscles are important in maintaining good posture which helps you be taller.  Strong lower back muscles also help maintain flexibility in your spine which allows you to grow taller.

Here are 3 important ab exercises you can start using today to get taller naturally.

Lower Ab Crunch

ab crunch to get tallerTo get started on your grow taller exercise plan, start with your lower ab muscles by performing lower ab crunches.

Clear off an area of the floor and lie down flat on your back.  Bend your knees at a 45 degree angle.

Now, squeeze your lower abdominal muscles to bring your knees into your chest.  Go slow and steady and really concentrate on contracting your lower abs.

Once your knees are drawn into your chest, slowly let your legs back down.  Repeat this process for a series of 15-20 reps.  Try not to move your hip flexor during this exercise.

The exercise can be performed with or without an exercise ball between your knees.

Leg Raise

leg raise to get tallerNow to further tone your abdominal muscles, the next exercise to get taller is the leg raise.  This will strengthen both your abdominals and your lower back muscles.

Once again, lay flat on your back with your arms down by your sides.

Next, extend your legs straight up in the air until they are perpendicular to your body.  Now use your lower abdominal muscles to push your hips off the ground 3 to 5 inches.

Lastly, slowly lower your hips back to the ground and repeat the process.  Remember to keep your legs straight during the entire lifting process.  Perform 15-20 reps.

This exercise can also be performed on an incline as shown in the picture.

Side Crunch

If you want to workout the muscles around your rib cage and along the sides of your abdomen, the side crunch is a perfect addition to your list of grow taller exercises.

To perform a side crunch, lie on your side and hold onto a heavy object behind you for leverage.  Holding onto the leg of a couch or bench generally works well.

Bend your knees and slowly bring them into your chest.  Then, lower them back down.

Now, roll to your other side and repeat the same procedure.  Do 15-20 reps per each side.

Remember, abdominal exercises are only one small part of getting taller naturally.  You’ll also want to include lower back exercises and stretching exercises if you want to grow taller fast.

How To Grow Taller Naturally

Do you have a fear of being short?  You’re definitely not alone.

But the good news is, you can learn how to grow taller naturally starting today!

Thousands of people are unhappy about their height and suffer every day through teasing, tormenting, and a general anxiety and lack of confidence over feeling inferior.  The devastating effects that come from being short are both physical and psychological.

If you’ve experienced this yourself, then you’ll know exactly the feeling we’re talking about.  If you’re currently short, but aren’t experiencing these feelings, then consider yourself lucky.  Many people feel trapped, falsely believing there is nothing they can do to increase height and grow taller naturally.

If you want to grow taller naturally, then you’ll want to get started by focusing on diet and exercise.  If you’re confused about how working out or eating a different diet can increase your height, don’t worry.  It will all become much clearer in just a few minutes.

Get Taller Naturally Through Exercise

Exercise can help substantially in your quest to grow taller.  However, you’ll need to perform the proper height increasing exercises to make it possible.  Otherwise, you simply won’t get the results you’re looking for.

A well thought out grow taller exercise plan has the added benefit of helping you improve your posture.  This alone can add inches to your height.

Strengthening your core can help immensely with your posture.  A key is to focus on your abdominal and back muscles.

Daily exercise routines at home consisting of sit ups and press ups can strengthen your muscles and straighten your spinal cord.

Growing Taller Secrets – Rest To Increase Height

Growing taller naturally will require plenty of rest to go along with your exercise routines.  You must give your body plenty of time to recuperate and repair itself between workouts.

Your body goes into repair mode while you sleep.  It is during this time that your muscles will begin to repair and build from your workouts.

If you workout constantly, but don’t give your body the ability to rest and repair, then all your efforts will be for nothing.

Grow Taller Naturally Through Diet

There’s some real truth to the saying, “You are what you eat.”  Your body can’t function properly without the right nutrition.

It’s like throwing a bunch of garbage into your gas tank.  How well do you think your car would run?

grow taller 4 idiotsA grow taller diet should be well balanced.  Your body needs to be energized to function properly and to allow for the development and growth you’re looking for to increase your height.

Don’t underestimate the importance of diet if you want to grow taller naturally.

If you want a leg up in growing taller, then the Grow Taller 4 Idiots guide can help you. This book will provide you with specific details to help you grow taller naturally through exercise, rest, posture improvements, and diet.

Grow Taller Naturally In Just 6-8 Weeks

grow taller naturallyIf you’re looking to grow taller naturally, the information found throughout this website can help you increase your height by several inches regardless of your age.

Since you’ve arrived at this site, you probably already know those of us with a short stature face many social dilemmas our taller counterparts do not.

The devastating effects can be both physical and psychological.  For example, shorter people often get judged unfairly, get teased and tormented relentlessly, are not as highly respected as taller individuals, and suffer from a lack of confidence in social situations such as dating.

Short men often find themselves in awkward dating situations since women tend to be more attracted to taller men who naturally exude confidence and a dominant stature.  They come across as being “more of a man” simply because they are taller.

Have you found yourself in this situation?  Is it fair?

Of course not!

But, there IS hope.  There IS a solution.

It’s entirely possible to grow taller naturally even if you’ve passed puberty.  In fact, even if you’re in your 30′s or 40′s you can still get taller naturally by combining height increasing exercises, good posture, rest, recuperation, and a very specific nutrition designed to increase your height.

Science has proven it’s possible, and this website can help you get there.

As you browse through this site, keep an eye out for the growing taller secrets revealed within.  Learning how to grow taller naturally is a fairly straightforward and simple process when you have effective guidance to follow.

We’ll show you exercises to increase height.  We’ll show you how to look taller by improving your posture.  We’ll discuss growth supplements and foods to grow taller.  Best of all, we’ll share with you some unique ways to get taller naturally.

Don’t be afraid to leave us your comments if you have questions or need help with anything.  We’re absolutely confident we can help you grow taller naturally.

If you want to discover a step-by-step method to help you grow 2-3 inches taller in just 6-8 weeks, we highly recommend you try Grow Taller 4 Idiots.